Waterproof Matches (Deluxe Edition)

by Mon Monarch

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We present to you a deluxe edition of Waterproof Matches remastered by Alan Douches (Sufjan Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Ben Folds Five)

What's the deluxe edition? While the album is available at other outlets like CD Baby and iTunes, here we are able to offer the album artwork in it entirety. This artwork includes original unique images for each song created by Chuck E. Costa and a beautiful digital booklet created by Chuck E. Costa and Colin Meyer. Click on the songs above to view each unique image. Once this album is loaded on a computer, mobile device or music player each image will display while each song plays.


released August 31, 2010

Chuck E. Costa:
vocals, guitars, banjo, glockenspiel, melodica, bell, piano
Eric Dawson Tate:
guitars, bass, accordion, organ, vocals
Colin Meyer:
drums, guitars, bass, wine glasses, bottle of wine, bowl of water, pots & pans, screw on metal, box of legos, car keys, glockenspiel, hammered dulcimer, vocals

Additional Musicians:
Jonny Rodgers: piano and programming.
Mai Bloomfield: cello and vocals

Produced by Eric Dawson Tate & Chuck E. Costa
Engineered and Mixed by Eric Dawson Tate
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Artwork and Design by Chuck E. Costa & Colin Meyer



all rights reserved


Mon Monarch New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: No Name
…It doesn’t have name, it doesn’t have a name.
Sitting in the dark, just waiting…

…Waiting for the sun to rise,
No matter how many times it has come
You only trust your eyes

…here we go again, here we go again, here we go.
It doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t have a name.
Sitting in the dark, waiting…
Track Name: Answers
The shots they go down like little lonely waterfalls
Running all the way down to the last call
And I apologize I never talk this much
Must be the alcohol

The joyful call the doctor says, “the cancer is benign.”
But then again in the end we’re all condemned to die
But then again we’re energy, which will not be destroyed or multiplied

The answers may not be so clear
They may not be, what you want to hear
Oh, baby, what you want to hear
What you want to hear

I’ve always had my sights set as far as I can see
Always believed the words be all that you can be
But I never made a gold record, a million dollars or been a marine

But if my life is a caterpillar not a butterfly
Its o.k., just part of a cycle reaching for the sky
And I think I like it down here
I’ve always had a fear of heights.

Life is short the clock is ticking ever so fast
We don’t need to just sit here and watch the growing grass
So come over here and bring your beer and raise your glass

The shots they go down like little lovely waterfalls
Running all the way down to the last call
And I apologize I never talk this much
Must be the alcohol
And I apologize I never talk this much
Its been a strange day that’s all.
Track Name: Battened Hatches
Candlesticks and battened hatches,
a deck of cards and waterproof matches.
We'll sail on, through the storm
come what may.
We've got all we need
no reason to be afraid.

When the world's been raining, raining, raining,
cats and dogs.
Then the world's been flooding, flooding
all the dry land is gone.
And all we've got left is each other
and this boat we're on.

Now give a kiss and bat those lashes,
I'll check the knots and find where the flask is.
Our clothes are worn, but we'll stay warm
come what may.
We’ve got all we need
no reason to complain.

When the world's been raining, raining, raining,
cats and dogs.
Then the world's been flooding, flooding
all the dry land is gone.
And all we've got left is each other
and this boat we're on.
Track Name: Restless Heart
Been thinking ‘bout my restless heart
Thinking ‘bout my restless heart
I don’t know what for, I’m not anxious I’m not bored
Not looking for a brand new start

The dream I had it was the same
Sitting on that old westbound train
There was a young boy and he was selling snake oil
Said, “here, take this for the pain.”

I never was one to believe in a quick fix remedy
But I’ve got no ace up my sleeve

Took that train to the end of the line
Over prairies and through the pines
There was a circus car and temptations at the bar
And implications to disregard

I never was one to believe
That being wild was the same as being free
But I guess I’ve been that naïve

Was thinking back to our front yard
The magnolia in the front yard
Spring’s coming soon and all its buds will bloom
The color of my restless heart

The flowers in the garden know
Just how they need to grow
They don’t get confused they don’t need no walking shoes
To get where they need to go.

I never was one to believe
That being wild was the same as being free
If I ever had an ace up my sleeve…
…it was you.
Track Name: Without Gravity
The only thing she keeps are her tattoos
When you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to lose
She’s wild and seems perfect to me
But she’s wise enough to know she doesn’t need to be.

She’s free. Freer than a bird above a cold dark sea.
Free, freer than a world without gravity.

She dances like she’s got no strings
No, she’s not attached to anything
I could never dance worth a damn
But I have hope when she takes my hand.

She’s free. Freer than a bird above a raging sea.
Free, freer than a world without gravity.

I’ve been falling in so many ways.
I’ve been waiting for something to pull me out
Of these days.
Track Name: Pockets
I got pockets shallow as the heart is deep
Been praying the lord my soul to keep
I need to laugh more at myself before I die
So I don’t end up soaked in whiskey and rye

Hey, hey hey, hey

I need a path as narrow as the oceans wide
I need to know the lord is on my side
I’ve seen a day dark as the night
I’ve done some wrong and I’ve done some right

I’ve traveled far as you are near
Here on the bed beside me dear
And in all these miles here’s what I’ve learned
You’re love’s worth all the riches that could be earned

So my pockets may be empty but my heart is full
Been pushing so hard when the sign read, “pull.”
Now I’m laughing hard and I’m laughing loud
Cause there’s a silver lining on every cloud!
Track Name: In the Weeds
I am in a garden sitting overgrown
And there’s so much more living here than just
the seeds that I have sown
I’m in the weeds, lost the forest for the trees

And I’ve been working hard not to squander my existence
Is it right or wrong to take the path of least resistance
What I want and what I need, I can’t hardly tell the difference

If life burns like a fire, there’s always been something there to feed it
When I don’t get what I want, guess that I don’t need it.

I’ve been praying for forgiveness but I don’t know what for
To God, to the universe, to you, I’m not really sure
What am I praying for?

I’ve been walking around always trying to get somewhere
What I’m thinking now, everyday’s an answered prayer
Every day’s an answered prayer.

I don’t always feel as alive as I know I am
Like a firecracker waiting to go BANG! BANG! BANG!
Oh, I’m a little engine and I think I can.
Track Name: I Am Good Fortune
don’t need good fortune, I am good fortune
the road is open, my heart is open

and all my burdens, I’m filled with them
and all my burdens, I will fill them in return

i’ve known freedom, oh, I have run
barefoot in the sun

through the backyard, to the train yard
through the graveyard, back to my mother’s arms again

will you come with me, will you stick with me
you can trust me

leave the note unwritten, leave the book unopened
leave the tools till we return
leave the money unearned for now.
Track Name: I Know Better
I tried to talk, tried honesty
Tried everything known to me
Tried the song and I tried the dance
Tried to step outside our circumstance

But I know, I know, I know better

You cried when I told you,
cried when you told me to go
cried when I was gone, and when I came back to you
cried in my arms of corduroy
were they tears of sadness or joy?

I know, I know, I know better
I know that scar, its not far beneath your collarbone
The one you said hurt only when I was far from home
And you suffered the pain all alone

We found a place that we’ve been looking for
Its got lots of windows and a door
Its far from perfect but that’s just fine
And the rooms are square and the walls are bear
But that’s just time
‘cause I know, I know, I know better.
Track Name: Gettysburg
Lincoln tried to address, to address
Lincoln tried to address Gettysburg that day.
He was put to the test, make sense of this mess
Just like you and me.

When the light turns on us
Bright from darkness
Eyes need to adjust.

He took the stage and did his best
His words were clear and focused.
On this they all agreed
Some were moved, some not impressed
Was it too much to digest, too simple to see?

When the light turns on us…

Some times they weigh more than the rest
You need to see the forest, when all you see are trees
You trust that beating in your chest
Don’t look back, don’t second guess
Don’t go blowing with the breeze.
Track Name: Closer to the Sea
Walking ever closer to the shore
Is it my friend I’m never sure
It breaks and roars
Above the quiet ocean floor
I’ve been there before

Sand and leaves they gather at my feet
The tide it leaves a trail of debris
Much like me, much like me

I open up my mouth to sing a song
I hear the ocean sing along
It’s a mournful song
For those shipwrecked on
Waters that once were calm

Walking ever closer to the sea
It spits and whispers melodies
It can rage and seethe
Much like me, much like me.
Track Name: So Many Things
I never meant to pretend
i know my words, they are my friends
and i stab them in the back when
i don't speak from my heart.

i know its a bit like cheating when
i grab some paper and a pen
and scribble down some word again
at least its a start.

I know someday that the world will end
i don't think that has to be a bad thing
we expect the sun to keep on burning
but that's alot to ask

if you want to keep a flame from withering
but you've got a short supply of oxygen
i think its worth considering
just having fun while it lasts.

we hold on too tight to some things
like the fireflies i kept capturing
when i was only seven
they died inside the jar

let 'em fly, let 'em be
let 'em light the sky, the beauty.
let 'em die old and free
wherever they are.

some truths they are self-evident
we find them almost by accident
sometimes they seem irrelevant
in what we say and what we do

do unto others as they to you
if it'll hurt me it'll hurt you too
its amazing how obvious things are
when they are true.

in this world there are so many things
no one knows so many things
in a way i find that comforting
i'm not sure why.

its not that i am insecure
that i know less and you know more
but if i knew what was behind every door
the point would pass me by.
the point would pass me by.